At RentHelper we take security seriously. Although no service can guarantee complete security, we take a variety of measures to keep your data safe.

RentHelper Maintains an A+ Rating at Mozilla Observatory

RentHelper has a public-facing website and an accounts section, where personally identifiable information may be collected. Our accounts page maintains an A+ security rating from Mozilla Observatory. (Security considerations change daily. If you notice that we have slipped from our A+ rating, please send us a note at

BSA/AML Compliance Audit Passed

Each year, we must evaluate our policies and procedures to ensure that we know all of our customers. This means we know that the landlord you are paying is really the owner of the property, or that the renter who is paying you has really authorized the payment. It is not possible to use RentHelper to transact bank funds in a manner inconsistent with a housing payment.

Under NACHA Operating Rules and Guidelines Corporate Edition 2015 Section 8.104, RentHelper is a compliant third party sender. Under Bank Secrecy Act 31 USC 5311 and Financial Crimes Enforcement Network 31 CFR §1010, RentHelper exceeds requirements. RentHelper complies with licensing and registration requirements in Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Avidia Bank headquartered in Hudson, MA is our originating depository financial institution.


All of your personally identifiable information is stored encrypted by default. Scans of images and paper enrollment forms, if any, are transmitted over a secure connection and stored in password-protected encrypted storage. Credit data transmitted to Transunion is stored under their security policies. Bank data transmitted to Avidia Bank is stored under their security policies.

Do not email or text us information you want to be kept secure. Email and text are not encrypted and are not secure. RentHelper will never ask you to send personally identifiable information over email or text. All information must be uploaded, including all bank changes, via our website.

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