About RentHelper

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As of May 2024, RentHelper served 65 businesses and 253 renters, and had collected over $13 million in rent.


RentHelper, Inc. was founded in 2016 after a successful pilot conducted by MassLandlords staff and member businesses. The pilot demonstrated that we could help renters with any level of educational attainment and cash flow challenge pay rent electronically without risk of overdraft and without a computer. The pilot also demonstrated faster collection for less effort from the owner. The pilot avoided an eviction by increasing communication and creating a payment plan that both parties could live with.

RentHelper now operates as a stand-alone service apart from MassLandlords. It is available for MassLandlords members and members of the general public alike.

Mission and Team

RentHelper’s mission is to help renters and owners live better together.

Like MassLandlords, RentHelper is primarily a virtual organization.

Doug Quattrochi is the Executive Director of MassLandlords and oversees the service. Doug is based in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Brian Bower is our landlord-in-residence and full stack web developer. Brian handles all day-to-day operations and new features. Brian is based in Pittsburgh, PA.

Jessica Thrower is our front-end web developer in Pittsburgh. Accounts are reconciled by our bookkeeping team Vipan Garg and Simran Kaur in Chandigarh, India.

Our banking partner is Avidia Bank in Hudson, MA. Our credit reporting agency is Transunion in Chicago, IL.

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