"Rent is Due" Done Right

Text message-enabled ACH service to pay or collect rent effortlessly.

We send a text message when rent is due.

Renter texts WAIT to reschedule, or debit happens by default.

Rent appears in owner’s bank account under tenant’s address.

What customers are saying...

I wanted to lower my expenses as much as possible. RentHelper is less than a percent. I don’t have to keep checking my account to see if the rent was paid and who paid it.

Steffen Landrum

RentHelper, and the nice notes it sends to the bank which they print on my statement – makes the accounting and monthly reconciliation SO CLEAN AND SIMPLE!! 🙂

Loreen Swann

Having a copy of all the text messages was a very big help.

Cinda H.

I have one tenant paying by RentHelper, and it is well worth the very modest fee. Customer support by e-mail is fast, personable, and helpful. It has been a 100% positive experience.

Mark V.

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