Pay or Collect Rent by Texting us What to Do.

Real managers help with move-in monies, recurring rent and paying down balances.

We set up text message reminders and automatic debits when rent is due.

Renters text us to communicate problems in advance and settle balances.

Owners receive direct deposit rent, status updates and reports.

How does it work?
  • When you enroll, you give RentHelper permission to debit and credit your bank account.
  • We verify sender and receiver identities and confirm enrollment by text, phone or email.
  • After enrollment, rent is debited automatically unless the renter says to wait.
  • We use the automated clearinghouse (ACH) to securely debit and credit your account.
A sample text message conversation showing enrollment, confirmation, and negotiation over move-in money payment date.
RentHelper: Hi Claire, this is just a reminder that a balance of $1,100 for use and occupancy only is still due. Can we start a payment plan? Claire: Okay, please debit $1,000. That's all I can do right now. RentHelper: Okay, we could do that, but it might be easier for the landlord and you if we take less more predictably. Could we start taking $250 every Friday as you get paid? Claire: Yes please. Thank you so much.
Our Payment Plans Avoid Eviction.
  • Real people interact with renters and owners via phone, email and text.
  • Our mission is to help owners and renters live better together.
  • We specialize in communication, payment plans and good outcomes.

What customers are saying...

I wanted to lower my expenses as much as possible. RentHelper is less than a percent. I don’t have to keep checking my account to see if the rent was paid and who paid it.

Steffen Landrum

RentHelper, and the nice notes it sends to the bank which they print on my statement – makes the accounting and monthly reconciliation SO CLEAN AND SIMPLE!! 🙂

Loreen Swann

Having a copy of all the text messages was a very big help.

Cinda H.

I have one tenant paying by RentHelper, and it is well worth the very modest fee. Customer support by e-mail is fast, personable, and helpful. It has been a 100% positive experience.

Mark V.

RentHelper was a huge help! My credit score increased significantly.

Stephen G.

Renthelper has made the 1st of the month a lot easier.

Gene A.

Our renters and landlords stick with us long-term.

Our average post-payment plan tenancy is still stable after 2.9 years. We collect over $3 million annually.

In partnership with

For members of

We Report Both Good and Bad Credit (No one else does!)

 As long as everyone communicates openly and honestly, everyone builds good credit.

Automatically Good

Renters have purchased homes using the credit they’ve built with RentHelper. We can report entire histories even before RentHelper.

Lots of Chances

We will report full and actual account histories if there is ghosting, failure to enter a payment plan or other tenancy break-down.

Payment Plans Don't Hurt

Renters on payment plans are not hurt in credit reports. Payment plans count for “paying as agreed.”

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